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A Giant Step

We are getting ready for baptism this weekend. It reminds me of a ‘giant step’ that we take when we go public with our personal commitment of following Christ. I am reminded of the day I walked through the waters of baptism. It was a giant step for me.

At Cornerstone, we look at the four steps in multiplication:

  1.  the pavement – thats when we meet and share Christ
  2. the pool – thats when one goes public with his personal commitment of following Christ
  3. the pew – Bible intake, memorization, and mentoring [discipleship]
  4. the pavement – going back out to share Christ

This Sunday is a ‘giant step’ for 14 babes in Christ. I invite to to join us in prayer, as many of the new believers families will be present. Some of them are the only believers in their families. Pray that they may begin this new journey with boldness.

If you are in the area, we invite you to celebrate baptism with us. We pan to have a cook out right after, with volleyball, horse shoes and swimming.

432 Lisbon Road, Canterbury at 10:30am



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