Pastor Shaun

A member at cornerstonecitychurch penned this poem a couple of years ago


by Frederick Todd Smith

While comforting me
He told me that he had a funny accent
But I don’t think his accent is funny
I think it’s authentic
He’s an authentic man

A man from Africa who came to America to help people

The city isn’t always easy on those who want to help
The city isn’t always easy on a dream
But Pastor Shaun is a strong man
He’s the leader of the team

Tennis “love”

tennis ball 1This weekend, we will be joining the millions from around the world in watching the best tennis players on center court at The Championships at Wimbledon. It is the tennis weekend of the year. I for one am looking forward to this spectacular, as I do every year.

We will be hearing the word ‘love’ a whole lot during these matches. It struck me one day that, in tennis, ‘love’ means nothing. Zero. Yeah, if you have ‘love’, it means that you are losing, and soon the game will be over, the set and the match. How does one explain this concept? But why do they use ‘love’ as a score in tennis? And how come it stands for nothing? Well, I have read about a few theories.

It is possible that it derives from the French expression for “the egg” (l’oeuf) because an egg looks like the number zero. Another possibility comes from the Dutch expression iets voor lot doen, which means something for praise, implying no monetary mistakes. Yet another theory on the origins of the use “love” comes from the acceptance that, at the start of any match, when scores are at zero, players still have “love for each other.” ( You decide which one to go with.

On a tennis court is the only place I know where “love” means nothing. Love loses. At the cross is the only place I know, where “love” means everything. This “love” is today displayed via the local church. “Love” wins, every time; because “love” has already won.

John 3: 16, “For God so loved (so much of love) … that He gave His One and only Son …

The Chain Gang


Football season is officially over. It took me some time to learn the rules, and this year after watching some great NCAA and NFL games, I learned of the chain gang.

A common term used to describe the officials responsible for manning the chains that are used to show the ten yard distance needed to obtain a new set of downs. The chain gang is required to quickly realign the chains whenever the offense gets a first down. The chain gang may also be called upon to come onto the field for a measurement whenever the officials are unsure as to whether a first down has been achieved or not.

You may to get the call from the officials after the chain gang come onto the field, and many times it is a third and inches. The players all think that they made the yardage, but they are short. It reminded me of the word ‘short’ used in a very familiar verse in Scripture.

Paul writes in Romans 3: 23, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” We often think we’ve made it, but when the chains of God are brought out, we find ourselves short. And not by inches, we are short by a margin that I can’t describe.

Thanks be to Christ, that He takes us through into the end zone. We need not require the chains to come out, we are in Christ. We are on the offense.

A Giant Step

We are getting ready for baptism this weekend. It reminds me of a ‘giant step’ that we take when we go public with our personal commitment of following Christ. I am reminded of the day I walked through the waters of baptism. It was a giant step for me.

At Cornerstone, we look at the four steps in multiplication:

  1.  the pavement – thats when we meet and share Christ
  2. the pool – thats when one goes public with his personal commitment of following Christ
  3. the pew – Bible intake, memorization, and mentoring [discipleship]
  4. the pavement – going back out to share Christ

This Sunday is a ‘giant step’ for 14 babes in Christ. I invite to to join us in prayer, as many of the new believers families will be present. Some of them are the only believers in their families. Pray that they may begin this new journey with boldness.

If you are in the area, we invite you to celebrate baptism with us. We pan to have a cook out right after, with volleyball, horse shoes and swimming.

432 Lisbon Road, Canterbury at 10:30am